Gaikindo International Motorshow – Part I

Ah.. It’s that time of the year again in Indonesia! International Motorshow!

This year, it’s a little bit weird though, because the motorshow is divided into two, the IIIMS and GIIAS.

Well, I made my decision and went to GIIAS on the 29th of August, which was the second to last day of the exhibition. It is said that the motorshow is the biggest in South East Asia, well not surprising really, keeping in mind how big ICE at BSD is…

Right! So this first part I will upload heaps of car pictures, whereas the second part will be the ushers… (???)

Well, I kinda lied when saying I will upload heaps of car pictures, because the car you see on the exhibition is not that really special. Not much concept cars, though the new release were interesting! But that’s okay, as it is still the first year that this event is held! Right… Here is my first set of pics! The AMG GTS from Mercedes! These pics were taken at a shallow depth of field (except for the first one). Also, in post I have added heapsssss of clarity to make the car more “sleek” (at least in my opinion).

Shot with A7 + Sony Sonnar T* 55 1.8 ZA


Interior shot!


Close up with 6D + 135mm f2 L


Now! Moving on to the Porsche! The 911 GT3 RS…

6D + 24-105 f4 L


Sorry I have to darkened the background, it’s so distracting.

Last up, we have the cute Lexus LF-SA..

Shot with A7 + Sony Sonnar T* 55 1.8 ZA


So if you have noticed, I have boosted the clarity of those pics. The reason being is to enhance those lines and make it more “sleek”. In some cases, I have also boost the shadows! Overall I like the colors that were produced by the sony! Such wonderful colors!

So that’s it folks for part 1! Stay tuned for part 2!




2 thoughts on “Gaikindo International Motorshow – Part I

  1. These are extraordinary shots! I think it is very clever and thoughtful of you to boost the clarity – it brings the sleekness of the cars up!

    Really enjoyed these pictures you’ve taken, hope we’ll see some more in the near future!

    Liked by 1 person

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