Gaikindo International Motorshow – Part II

So, this is part II of II from Gaikindo International Motorshow 2015!

Hmmm.. I think this post will be more focused on the people.

As I’ve stated on the blog’s slogan, I’m kinda shy, especially around models. I think that’s one of my traits that’s been holding me back in photography, as interaction and communicating with the people is one of the key aspects of photography!

Anyway, I tried to shoot a couple of people (or models) in the motorshow. I kinda like Lexus’ concept by using ‘elegant’ as compared to… well.. you know.

So here’s a photo of the people at Lexus booth! The Lexus Ladies I believe it is called?

Canon 6D + 24-105mm f4L @ f4


Canon 6D + 135mm f2 L @f2 – BW vs Color, which one is better?


Now the interesting Sony A7 + Sony Sonnar T* 55 1.8 ZA @f4 – My friend shot this one! He’s talented


Sony A7 + Sony Sonnar T* 55 1.8 ZA @Wide Open


Sorry if it’s just a few, as I said, I’m kinda shy! Plus, the one on the Lexus Booth have an elegant feel so I think it’s okay. So I just nodded saying hi and asking a permit to photo, afterwards I just nod and smile to say thanks. I didn’t ask for their name and I think it’s a big MISTAKE because they were really NICE to pose for a picture for us (they looked really friendly as well)! Yea I sort of chickened out wkwkwk.

So when I was about to exit, this Indonesian band called Alexa played on the Mazda booth! So here’s my best shot! Was kinda late so I was at the back!


The songs were really nice! He asked the audience to sing along but only my friend was singing… -___-

Actually, in a couple of hours time, Raisa and JKT48 was going to perform! However, we have a friend’s graduation ceremony to attend, so it’s a shame we have to skip it.

So at the end of the day, I’ve learned my lesseon:

  • Don’t chicken out – ask their names! They were nice.
  • Come early – as there were too much people starting at around 12 midday.
  • The Sony surprisingly performs well indoors! So happy.
  • The wide lens is useful.

Well, this post concludes the my experience at Gaikindo International Motorshow 2015! Had a fun day (although I’m kinda disappointed because there is no KIA Booth) but it was fun 😀

See ya!




One thought on “Gaikindo International Motorshow – Part II

  1. It was very gentle and brave of you to ask them and take some excellent shots. Personally, I like the BW because it caught the mood of the ladies, and since their dress and also the car was BW colored, it suits perfectly. Well done! Awesome shots!


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